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Who Made It

Gene Brockhoff / Producer & Editor

Gene Brockhoff has no history in film. He has been and still is a flooring contractor who made this film in his spare time. "Nobody else was doing films about consumerism, so I thought I'd fill the void" he says. "It was also a way for me to confront my own desires for materialism" In the making of the film he became very proficient with Apples editing software Final Cut Pro and did some of the cinematography as well. "I discovered a love of editing and the trillions of possibilities, I'm a possibility junkie!" He is still available in the SF Bay Area for installing and refinishing hardwood flooring in a sustainable and non-toxic way at

Jeff Deveraux / Cinematographer

Jeff Deveraux is a local SF Bay Area camera operator and teacher at The Berkeley Digital Film Institute. He has recently become the proud owner of the renowned RED camera and is ready to embark on new avenues of creativity.

As the son of two photographers, composition is something that seems to come to him naturally. He is a technically minded person that is always being creative and is not afraid of challenging himself. He believes filmmaking is the perfect marriage of all the arts and he has an insatiable passion for it. Jeff has worked the camera for documentaries, corporate videos, personal projects, Discovery HD programing and a feature film.

Check him out at

Jonah Sharp / Original Music

Ambient techno innovator Jonah Sharp aka Spacetime Continuum has played an important role in the 90’s in consolidating the global experimental ambient and techno scene through his Reflective Records imprint as well as a string of solo studio albums on Astralwerks and Virgin Records . He has collaborated with many artists including a live album with writer and philosopher Terence McKennna, and collaborations with Mixmaster Morri, Haruomi Hosono of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Pete Namlook, Ursula Rucker, Move D, Tetsu Inoue and Bill Laswell to name but a few.

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